Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fairy Princess

Look at me, being all posty lately. Don't get used to it. We ended up at Family night at the mall last night and The Kid got painted up to look like a Fairy Princess.


3 years ago today, I fell in love with a little face.

Thank you for 3 of the best years ever, sweetie!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day at the pool

We went to the kiddie pool on Friday. Here is the evidence. Even though she looks pretty serious in all the pictures, we had a great day.

Random Quotes

The Kid was counting in Spanish the other day, thanks to Handy Manny. Here's her version:
"Uno, dos, tres, whacko, see-go, says."

Also, she's been talking about being brave a lot lately. Grandmumsy had a doctor's appointment that The Kid went to the other day. As Grandmumsy got up on the table, The Kid came over and patted her on the knee and said "Be brave, Grandmumsy!" And I was giving her some medicine that doesn't taste very good and she cried a little bit and said "I'll be brave next time, mommy. Like a knight."

Last night, she got to pick out a movie and she wanted to watch this dumb fairy thing that came with a toy. It's not even a movie just an activity dvd and it's stooopid. Anyway, she asked if I wanted to watch it and I said "not really, but if it's what you want, that's fine". Then she said, "try to smile, mommy!" And for the record, I was enthusiastic about the dumb fairy dvd. I'm not totally heartless.

Anytime I ask her what she wants to eat, drink or do, she will respond with "I just looooove (chicken, mac & cheese, cherry juice, going to the mall)!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This weekend was a busy one. We took in a movie about a Panda, partied and tried to keep cool and dry. '93 is on everyone's mind right now!

The Kid and her bud, G at G's b-day party

Party Treats

I got 2, mom!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Items, mostly in picture form

Here is The Kid making a wicked salad of tree leaves and dandelion. She's looking very R-a-chel R-a-y, no?

These are some old friends that The Kid and I got to see for a bit. Some of you (and you know who you are) may very well recognize them.

We've been having storms a-plenty around these parts. This was what I encountered on a very busy street on my way to work the other morning.

And finally, someone has expressed my thoughts almost exactly about why the "Princess" thing for little girls is scary. Please read it!
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