Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting our official itinerary, here it is!

D1-8/3 Leave Des Moines to Denver (Flight 565 – 5:45pm)
Leave Denver to LA (Flight 715 – 8:00pm)
Leave LAX by China Southern (Flight 328 – 11:59pm)

D2-8/4 In flight

D3-8/5 Get Guangzhou @6:20AM, change flight CZ3101(820/1055) fly to
Beijing and tour Tian'an'men Sq, Forbidden City and Pizza dinner (all this way for a PIZZA dinner?!?!?)

D4-8/6 Tour Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Acrobatic Show

D5-8/7 Take Morning flight to Nanchang, transfer to hotel, pick up the babies in the afternoon.

D6-8/8 Do procedures, shopping

D7-8/9 Tour Teng-wan-ge Tower

D8-8/10 Visit Jianxin Orphanage

D9-8/11 Free Day (I will more than likely be shopping!)

D10-8/12 Pick up the passport and paperwork (R’s Birthday!!)

D11-8/13 Fly to Guangzhou, transfer to White Swan Hotel

D12-8/14 Tour Buddha Temple and Provincial Folk Museum

D13-8/15 Medical exam, fill out forms

D14-8/16 Visa interview for paperwork

D15-8/17 Group oath in the morning, pick up the visa in the afternoon @ about 3:00PM, leave Guangzhou @ 9:00PM by China Southern (Flight #327), same day get LAX @ 6:50PM (R is a US Citizen when the plane lands in LA!!)

D16-8/18 Leave LA to Denver (Flight 132 8:09am – 11:30am)
Leave Denver to Des Moines (Flight 1220 12:17pm – 2:52pm)

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I heard from my agency today and it looks like we will be leaving on August 3rd. That is LESS than two weeks away! I really need to get busy. Now, if only our visas would come back!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Suitcases, shopping, Harry Potter and travel!!

This weekend was very busy. Not only did I find a great bargain on a suitcase (I LOVE TJ Max! You really DO get the max for the minimum!), but I met one of the moms that I will be going to China with at the outlet mall in Tanger for some serious shopping! Claudia was so much fun and we just had the best day buying all kinds of stuff for our babies. Then, I came home from shopping to find my new Harry Potter book waiting for me!!! I spent most of the day Sunday reading it. It was so good! And, so then, today, I found out that we have our travel approval! There is a chance that we could be leaving NEXT WEDNESDAY (GASP!!) the 27th. Oh, man. It's a good thing I got that suitcase, because now I seriously have to get down to business on what to put IN it! I should know in the next couple of days when we will be leaving. Check back!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Visas and an Itinerary

I finally got our passports mailed off today, so we should have our visas by the middle of next week! And, I came home today to find a Tentative Travel Itinerary (with no dates). It was pretty cool. It feels like this is ACTUALLY going to happen! I wish it could happen without a 14 hour airplane flight, but I'll survive (with a little help from my friends Gin, Tonic, and Valium!)