Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well, for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting our official itinerary, here it is!

D1-8/3 Leave Des Moines to Denver (Flight 565 – 5:45pm)
Leave Denver to LA (Flight 715 – 8:00pm)
Leave LAX by China Southern (Flight 328 – 11:59pm)

D2-8/4 In flight

D3-8/5 Get Guangzhou @6:20AM, change flight CZ3101(820/1055) fly to
Beijing and tour Tian'an'men Sq, Forbidden City and Pizza dinner (all this way for a PIZZA dinner?!?!?)

D4-8/6 Tour Great Wall, Summer Palace, and Acrobatic Show

D5-8/7 Take Morning flight to Nanchang, transfer to hotel, pick up the babies in the afternoon.

D6-8/8 Do procedures, shopping

D7-8/9 Tour Teng-wan-ge Tower

D8-8/10 Visit Jianxin Orphanage

D9-8/11 Free Day (I will more than likely be shopping!)

D10-8/12 Pick up the passport and paperwork (R’s Birthday!!)

D11-8/13 Fly to Guangzhou, transfer to White Swan Hotel

D12-8/14 Tour Buddha Temple and Provincial Folk Museum

D13-8/15 Medical exam, fill out forms

D14-8/16 Visa interview for paperwork

D15-8/17 Group oath in the morning, pick up the visa in the afternoon @ about 3:00PM, leave Guangzhou @ 9:00PM by China Southern (Flight #327), same day get LAX @ 6:50PM (R is a US Citizen when the plane lands in LA!!)

D16-8/18 Leave LA to Denver (Flight 132 8:09am – 11:30am)
Leave Denver to Des Moines (Flight 1220 12:17pm – 2:52pm)

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