Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catch up

I've added some new posts below to catch the highlights from the last couple of months.


Make Up Christmas!

Grandmumsy was in the hospital for two full weeks, so after she was home and feeling better, we had Christmas. It was a great day and extra special because we were all able to be together.
Finally? Christmas??
Princess dress from Auntie J = fun
Real clothes = not fun
But I'm still cute!
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January 4th, 2009 - The Kid picked out the entire outfit in this picture. Green pants with purple polka dots, a black long sleeved t-shirt that says something about the Little Vampire Motorcycle club and a pink vest that I made for her. And the hat was something stuffed in a box to keep things from shifting. Genius!
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Cookie Party

December 20 - My good friend from college invited us to her cookie decorating party. It was so fun and The Kid got to see what 47 boys together are like.

She's really not scared.
She quickly found a favorite toy.
The finished product.
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Decorating the tree

December 8th. We put up the tree.

Modeling the tree skirt.

Working the tree skirt.
Posing in front of the tree
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Last warm day

October 31st. This was approximately 5 minutes before everyone started getting sick. I kinda even forgot about these pictures. And while I usually hate pictures of myself, I love the last one because we look so happy and we had such a nice day at the park.

I liked the light on her hair in this one.
She's playing a record. ???
The Kid gets some of the most animated faces. I love it! She will be a great actress.
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

What I did on my blog vacation

A True Story
By: Me

The first week in November, I had strep throat.

The second week in November, Grandmumsy had the flu*.

The third week in November, I had a sinus infection and a double ear infection.Grandmumsy sold her condo and moved.

The fourth week in November was Thanksgiving. Grandmumsy went to the hospital on Turkey day.

Then, December came.

The first week of December, Grandmumsy came home from the hospital.

Grandmumsy bought a new car the second week.

The third week, I was trying to get Christmas shopping finished up. Grandmumsy didn't feel well.

Christmas Eve came. The Kid, Auntie J and I went out for dinner. Grandmumsy didn't feel well enough to go.

Christmas Morning came, and Grandmumsy went back to the hospital. She's still there, but I think they finally know what they are doing now and she will hopefully get to come home next week.

Christmas has been delayed at our house until we can all be together. The Kid keeps asking when our 'makeup Christmas' will be.

I hope you all had healthy and happy holidays. More updates coming soon.

*Seems like all of her troubles lately go back at least that far.