Sunday, March 25, 2007

More of our weekend

This is my favorite t-shirt of all time. T&rget rocks.

The Kid got ahold of a sheet of stickers in the car.

Dinner and a show

This past weekend, we attended a children's theatre production of Alice in Wonderland, with Mark. It was The Kid's first 'theatrical' experience and we were suprized to find out that lunch was included in the ticket price. She really seemed to enjoy it, although she let it be known that it was too dark when they turned the lights out.

Mark's lunch (Mac & Cheese, Chicken fingers, Oreo fluff and a cookie)

The Kid says "Mmmm! This cookie is delicious!"

Mark has my permission to shave my head bald if I ever get the 'Mom Helmet' hairdo.

Mark and The Kid

The Kid with Alice, The Duck (??!?), The Caterpillar, and The White Rabbit

Monday, March 19, 2007

She sings....sorta

I couldn't pick just one, so I'm putting up all three. Enjoy.

All about eyes

There are lots of ways that I am POSITIVE my daughter was meant to be a part of my family. One of those ways is her bizarre sense of humor. For awhile now, I've noticed that The Kid would, on occassion, cross one (although sometimes two) eyes. I was a little concerned about it, because it wasn't all the time and they/it would uncross as quickly as they had crossed. Well, recently, she will be doing something and then walk up to me and when I look at her, she has this really serious look on her face, but her eyes are crossed and then she starts laughing hysterically. I guess it got a reaction out of me, because now she can totally do it on command and she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I know her Grandpa would be so proud of her!

The other way I know she was meant to be in my family is how stunning she looks in glasses. Much like her momma, she will always have a hard time finding glasses that will stay on her face, but they will look good on her.

Unseasonably warm day

It was 75 degrees the other day. Which was quite a big change from the blizzard we had had the week before. Here's a couple of pics from the day. (LOOK at how long The Kid's ponytails are getting!!!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Maybe we should branch out.

The Kid and I play this game that I like to call 'Wake Up, Momma!'. The rules of the game are simple. I pretend to be asleep, and The Kid tries to wake me up. The real key to the game is, that I only wake up when she gives me a kiss. The other day, we were playing our game and she had said "Wake up, momma!" a couple of times, before crawling up into my lap (presumably to give me my kiss). She puts her hands on either side of my face and says "Wake up, momma! It's time to go to T@arget!" I laughed so hard I nearly passed out.