Monday, March 19, 2007

All about eyes

There are lots of ways that I am POSITIVE my daughter was meant to be a part of my family. One of those ways is her bizarre sense of humor. For awhile now, I've noticed that The Kid would, on occassion, cross one (although sometimes two) eyes. I was a little concerned about it, because it wasn't all the time and they/it would uncross as quickly as they had crossed. Well, recently, she will be doing something and then walk up to me and when I look at her, she has this really serious look on her face, but her eyes are crossed and then she starts laughing hysterically. I guess it got a reaction out of me, because now she can totally do it on command and she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I know her Grandpa would be so proud of her!

The other way I know she was meant to be in my family is how stunning she looks in glasses. Much like her momma, she will always have a hard time finding glasses that will stay on her face, but they will look good on her.

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David said...

so cute!

I just found your blog from my wife's bloglines!