Sunday, November 13, 2005

For my next trick, the levitating baby

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Anonymous said...

Hi Riley!

This was at a craft show. Shortly before this picture was taken, a crusty old bat patted me on the arm and said..."She's a keeper, Grandma!" So I stabbed her in the eye with some plastic canvas art and slapped at her with tacky bead jewelry, not the cute stuff, the really ugly cheap stuff. Ok, maybe I only did that in my mind, but believe my fertile imagination her eye swelled shut and she bruised quite easily. I love you sweetheart, but I'm not old enought to be your grandmother! Ok, maybe I am...but I don't look like I am...and even if I do.....well, she wasn't a very nice lady for pointing out my haggard and elderly appearance.

You sure were cute though!!!! :-)

Auntie J