Friday, September 29, 2006

My funny little kiddo - Status Update

Lately, The Kid's sense of humor has really been showing itself. For awhile now, she will crawl around and 'meow' and pretend she's a cat. Last night at dinner, we were talking and out of nowhere she just looks at us and said 'MEOW!' Funny stuff. I think she will have a dry, off-the-wall sense of humor like me. And that makes me very happy.

Another recent funny story...we were in the car yesterday and she wanted to pretend going 'night-night'. Usually, that means we close our eyes and I make funny snoring sounds. I was driving, so I just started snoring. I think she really thought I was asleep and she was screaming at me from the back seat, "NO! NO! 1, 2, 2, FEE!" (when she's naughty, I count to 3 and then she better stop or else). I nearly wet myself I laughed so hard.

She has been making some slow, but steady advances in speech. She tries to say a lot more than she would before. In fact, she seems to say new words better than a few of her first words. Her favorite word right now is NO. Any question, just assume that the answer is no. Most of the time, that will be screamed or said in her most demented voice. A close second would be OW. This appears to be her cunning attempt at a cuddle and kisses. I'm not complaining, because she's generally so busy that both of those are few and far between. When I come home from work, it is like pulling teeth to get a hug out of her. But she also has quickly figured out how to work the system. If there is something she doesn't want to do, that is usually when she is at her huggiest. Time for a diaper change? NO, it's time for hugs!!! Time for bed? NO, silly momma! It's time to cuddle and give kisses!

But, I would guess that, she probably has about 30-40 words under her belt. About 6 months ago, she maybe could say 5 words. I hear other parents talk about their kids having a language explosion, and while I wouldn't go that far, I think maybe her fuse has been lit. It might be a pretty long one, but it is burning. I'm still anxious for the day we can have actual conversations, but I do think that day will come.

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