Sunday, May 06, 2007

Catching up

First off, Happy May Day (belated)! We did not make our baskets this year, but maybe we will next year. I have fond memories of May Day when I was a kid, and just learned over the weekend that most of my baskets were from my sisters. I really was the nerdy kid with 1 friend.....

Here's a little bit of trivia that you can use to impress your friends and/or family. Did you know that on any given Friday night, the average age of patrons at a Cracker Barrell is 73? And of those patrons, 92.7% were brought there from a bus tour? It is true. And if there should happen to be two or more tables of people under the age of 50, they seat you next to each other in case of an Elderly Revolt. We were seated by the only other young people, who happened to have a little boy about The Kid's age. Everytime he wanted something, he would let out the most obnoxious, ear shattering scream. This happened about 50 times (and I do not believe that I am exaggerating). Because my child has perfect manners, the first few times he did it she would point at him, angrily, and say "HEEEEY! Don't DO that!!!" But then, after a while, she would just shake her head, look at me and say "Oh, no!!!" Seriously, who lets there kid do that? The Kid would never dream of doing that more than once, because she knows we would be out of there so fast her head would spin.

We made a trek to the May Fest again this year and I learned many interesting things. The Germans make some really good wine (my personal favorite this year is cranberry plum), they can make an awesome potato pancake and they love Red Hats.

Here are various pictures from the last couple of weeks.


Amy said...

I love the photo booth pictures!! I wish there was more of those around. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Wendy, why didn't you mention that in the picture of the kiddo where she's wearing the PJ's (that you made for her) that she's saying "HOCKEY RULES!!" (Because she's a huge fan of the Iowa Stars AHL hockey team)???? Just thought you might want to make it clear that she's not a member of the Toddler Liberation Front.

Auntie J