Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blog Potpourri

Here's just a bit of this and that.

Funny things The Kid says

Am I key say me eye! (That would be M-I-C-K-E-Y from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song)

What's so funny, guys? (Any time we laugh, she asks)

I want to save it for laaaaa-ter. (When she doesn't like her meal)

You're just teasing.

My little girl is growing up

Preschool starts next Tuesday, but you would think it started this week. On Tuesday, I had a Parent Coffee where they just tell the parents all the rules and make us sign up for treats and volunteer days and go over the school year schedule. I only got teary-eyed twice! And there was only one mom who annoyed me (so far)! She basically told us all that her princess was going to DEMAND a lot of attention. I nearly hurt my brain from rolling my eyes too fast. We go back today with kids to let them see their classroom and meet each other. I can't wait to see the little princess and see how her mom handles the meeting today.

The Kid is excited about the classroom rabbit. She keeps telling me that Stanley (the rabbit) forgot something. When I ask her what, she says, "CARROTS!" And then she laughs and laughs.

And finally, In Reality TV News

The next season of Survivor starts up soon and it was filmed in China. In the same province that The Kid is from. About 40 miles from where we stayed in her province. In the mountains. The Kid is from Mountain Town. It will be interesting to see parts of China that we didn't see. Just sayin'.

I watch Big Brother. I's crap tv, but I can't help getting sucked in every year. I blame Grandmumsy and my co-workers (heh!). Anyway, I never thought The Kid paid much attention when it was on, but last night, I said something about two of the contestants (Amber and Danielle) who had been on another show. And The Kid says, "Big Brother 8! It's so exciting!!"

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