Monday, February 04, 2008

An actual story as told to me by my daughter

Once upon a time a mommy, a daddy and a new baby went for a walk. The new baby got lost. Then he came back to his mommy but his daddy was lost, too. Again. Something happened! Something happened to the mommy and the baby. They both got lost. But then, they came back. They tried to stay together. That wasn't nice. NO! The wizard didn't like them. So the mommy and the baby and the daddy were hiding. They were SO lost AGAIN! Then they found something shiny. A diamond! They held up the diamond. THE END! It's done. The story is done. The other one ripped.


Beverly said...

well very good story. lots of turns and surprises. just one thing, what one ripped?


Wendy said...

I think she was talking about a book that I had to toss because she had ripped out some pages. But who knows?!?!