Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where does she come up with this stuff?

**This was a draft I had sitting around for awhile, but I have been so neglectful of Ye Olde Blog that I thought I'd better post this, too. The only excuse I will give is that I've had the creeping crud for about a month.

Just as we were getting on the interstate yesterday, a semi pulled passed us. From the backseat, and with gusto, The Kid said "Follow that Truck!" It was like a scene right out of a romantic comedy.

She will walk into the bathroom without turning the lights on and will say, "HEY! Who turned out the lights??"

We went out to lunch with Grandmumsy at a local Chinese restaurant. As we were perusing the menu, I asked Grandmumsy what she was going to have and The Kid said "Chinese Food!"

This morning, out of the blue, The Kid told me that she wanted to take juggling lessons. CAN you take juggling lessons??

**Also, I've meant to give a big shout out to Auntie J, who is on week two of her new job. YAY, Auntie J!

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Beverly said...

Too cute. love the pic with her sehshul doll.