Friday, June 24, 2005

Here she is!!

I am so unbelievable excited! I'm a mommy!!!

Chinese Name: **************
Soon to be called: Still working on that!!
Birth date: 8/12/04
Weight: 13.89lbs (as of 1/05)
SWI*: Jian Xin
Province: Jiang Xi
DTC: 11/19/04
LID: 11/26/04
Date of Referral: 6/24/05
Agency: Gift of Love - Des Moines, IA
Age/Gender Requested: AYAP/F
She is said to look around like she is very experienced and wise!! At three months, she was able to say "YiYi Wo Wo" (which has become my new favorite phrase!) She is just beautiful!!

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Jamie said...

I have the loveliest niece in the world (and the smartest, strongest, kindest...fastest, and all those other "ests"). And, ironically, I believe she has the most wonderful mommy in the world. Pretty wacky how that just worked out that way.

I love you, Riley! And I love your mommy too!!

Aunt Jamie