Monday, June 27, 2005

Telling the co-workers

So, I got to work today and was so excited because now I could OFFICIALLY tell my coworkers. I wanted to wait until I had the little peanuts picture before I told them for lots of reasons, but was nice to be able to not have to think about it for 8 hours a day and know that they weren't going to ask me daily if I knew anything.

Anyway, I got to work and sent my manager a message telling her that we could go out for lunch ANYTIME!!!!! This was kinda code for her to know that it was time to tell my department. She immediately called me into her office and wanted all the details, but she was crying so hard and I was laughing so hard at her, we weren't getting much discussed. Once she settled down, we decided that we would go ahead and go to lunch today, eventhough it was short notice and everyone was VERY busy. She was afraid she couldn't keep my secret any longer! About 10am she sent out a message to our department telling them that we were going to lunch at 11:30 at Baratta's. Well, they all started throwing little hissy fits. It was hysterical. Since I had acting classes, I just pretended to be mad right along with them. I made sure to hitch a ride with two of my coworkers that I always ride with. As we were driving to the restaurant they were both furious that we had to go to lunch, TODAY OF ALL DAYS!!! It was all I could do to keep a straight face. So, we all get to lunch, eat, talk, have dessert....and my manager passed out little Chinese take out boxes to everyone. They all looked at them very suspiciously and she finally told them to open the boxes. (I did, too, so they wouldn't suspect anything) Inside each box was a fortune cookie and the message inside was "IT'S A GIRL!!!" NONE of them knew what to think as we went around the table reading the same message over and over. As everybody just sat and stared at each other, I said "I've got some news!!" and all I heard were gasps. And they are all just staring at me in shock. Then I told them "I'm adopting a baby from China!!" And they all just started crying and laughing and crying some more. It was so great. NONE of them expected it and NONE of them could believe that I had kept it a secret for an entire year.

That was too much fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hey i had every right to cry and Laugh too! It was the most difficult and wonderful secret I have ever kept.