Sunday, June 18, 2006


Busy weekend leading up to another busy week and weekend. Sorry for my lack of pictures. I should have some great ones after next weekend. We will be visiting the Omaha contingency....and maybe taking in the Art Festival here in town.

If anyone out there can tell me.....what is the best way to get a toddler to speak more than the first sound of ANY word? I know that if she would say the full word, she would probably have a vocabulary right up around 100 words or so. As it is, it is all BA, DA, Uhh, Doh, Ma, Buh , LI, and Fuh. And it's not like those are just random sounds she is making. Fuh is ALWAYS fish or foot or food. BA is always ball and baby. She understands EVERYTHING you say to her, and she always knows what something is when you ask her what it is, it's just never more than the first sound. I just want her to talk.....I can't wait for her to start saying embarrassing things in public. It's all about getting the ammo I need so that I can embarass her when she's in junior high.

Oh, and for the record? Her hearing is just fine.

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Johnny said...

One thing I learned about is that sometimes parents might do "all the talking" for a kid. Where a parent might point to an item or pick up an item and ask the child if they want "this" instead of making that kid try to say the word for that item.

Unless a kid has to use a word over and over, they won't get the hang of it. That's my 2-cent a$$vice.

Or...maybe the kid is just a kid. Not yet ready. That's the tricky part with getting an infant from the get-go. What is normal? What is the expected time for a child who has only heard mandarin to start processing and handling English.