Sunday, November 05, 2006

Things I Love

I love that my daughter is developing a wicked sense of humor. Ask her a question and more often than not, she will give you the wrong answer, just because she can.

I love how she never wants to give me a hug when I want one, but she will sneak up and surprise me with a hug. It never fails to choke me up.

I love how she says Hello, Goodbye and Night-Night to things. Every morning she says hello to her dragon. She rarely leaves the bathroom without saying bye-bye to her potty chair. And she always says bye-bye or night-night to the moon.

I love how she says mama and baby as if she were a pretentious British child....or Madonna.

I love that her favorite television show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and there will be hell to pay if it is missed.

I love that Donald Duck is ALWAYS referred to as Blue Donald and woe unto you who does not call him by his full and proper title.

I love that when she is in trouble she will slowly try to break eye contact and pretend like she doesn't know that I am talking to her. If she could whistle, she would.

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