Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Kid is smart

The other day, The Kid was singing Happy Birthday to me and when she finished I asked her if it was my birthday and she said yes. Then, being the little smarty pants that she is, she decided that we needed cake. Leave it to my kiddo to pretend it's someone's birthday just so she can get some birthday cake.

She also has a mind like a steel trap. A couple of weeks ago, we went to a baby shower. Before the shower I had picked up a couple of gifts for 'the new baby'. She thought it was all for her and so we had a talk about how the presents were for 'the new baby' and that pretty much seemed to satisfy her. Even when we went to the shower, we talked about how the soon-to-be momma would be opening lots of presents of toys and books. The Kid understood that these were off limits because they were for 'the new baby'. Well, she has not forgotten about that because since the shower, when she asks for something and I say no, she will nod wisely and say "for the new baby". Then I have to try and explain to her that "No. It's not for the new baby, honey. You just simply can't have that sharp knife/scissors/matches on the counter."

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Amy said...

She is a smart better watch out and stay ahead of the curve to prepare for those "tween years"! The "for the new baby" response it hilarious!