Sunday, July 29, 2007

A catch up post

Lots to show and tell. But first a story. So tonight, The Kid and I were watching the end of Big Brother, and she notices a cyst that has been on my wrist for as long as I can remember. She points to it and says "What eeees eeet?" I told her it was a cyst and then she was silent for awhile. She looked at it again and said "That's a n1pp!e*." I was dazed momentarily, and then said "Nooooooo. It's a cyst." And she said "Oh. It's a button." That's better...

Here's the big news! I think I made friends with a mom and a daughter for us to play with! And....even better than that, the mom speaks Mandarin. So, she can teach The Kid all the Mandarin that I was going to learn and failed miserably at! Yay! It was kind of pathetic when I was trying to work up the nerve to giving her my phone number. I was so awkward and I think it came out like " play nice. Do....again?" Luckily, she didn't seem to notice that I'm a complete idiot when it comes to social situations and she took pity on me and took down my number. So, let's wait three days for someone to call you after you give them your number? If I haven't heard anything by Wednesday, I'll take it that she wasn't interested and will assume that the name and phone number she gave me were fake. I honestly believed her name was Janet???
And finally, we spent the morning Saturday getting some pictures of The Kid and the fam taken at the gardens at the Art Center. Auntie J and I snapped a few as well so here is a teaser for what is to come from the pro.

*funky spelling to keep weirdo G00glers away.

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David said...

Call her back regardless! What a great opportunity...and she's probably as nervous as you are! Call her!