Sunday, July 15, 2007

Teeth, Treetops and Friends

No pictures of The Kidlette this week. We didn't do anything terribly interesting that would have warranted schlepping the camera around. BUT, The Kid did have a dentist appointment (her first, in fact). Here is a little interesting tidbit about me. I am terrified of the dentist. I suppose, dear reader, that you are wondering if that might have had anything to do with the fact that I'm just NOW getting around to taking her to the dentist. Well, since you asked, yes. If I even think about the dentist I start working up to an anxiety attack. So, the fact that I even called one and made an appointment for her AND showed up? That's a pretty big deal. (Lookit me! I'm all growed up!) Her appointment was fine and great and all that. When she came out, I noticed she had a sticker on her shirt. I didn't pay much attention to it, since she usually has a sticker somewhere on her person. We had an early morning appointment and we both needed breakfast. So, we left the dentist's office for six months of tranquility and went off to have ourselves a yummy breakfast of bagel sandwiches. Yum! It wasn't until yesterday that I found her sticker on the floor of the car and actually read what it said. "FLUORIDE IN PROGRESS - NO DRINKS OR SNACKS FOR 30 minutes!" Just when I think I've got this parenting thing all figured out.

We also went to a park the other day and The Kid wanted to play on the swings. She loves to go as high and fast as possible. She also doesn't like to hold on, so we usually end up on the little baby swings. Anyway, The Kid was having a great time and kept wanting me to push her higher and everytime I would give her a shove she would yell 'Treetops!!' and laugh uncontrollably. Pretty soon, all the other kids dropped what they were doing and wanted to swing, too. Once all the swings filled up and all the other kids got moving, each time they would go forward, they all yelled 'Treetops!!', too. It was so cute. But, it pretty much confirmed what I already knew, that my girl is going to be a ring leader.

And The Kid also has a new friend. His name is Gerber and he's very quiet and he mostly sleeps, but that's okay. I wanted to share a picture of him with you.

Yep. He lives in the bathtub and for a long time, we had to be very quiet when TK took a bath because he was sleeping. Sometimes, we had to make sure he got clean, too, but mostly we would just smile and wave at him. Then one day, TK asked me what his name was and I told her that his name was Gerber (it's right there on his forehead) and that was it. They have been best buds ever since. At least TK thinks so. She talks about him all the time. "Mama, Gerber is my friend. He's sleeping. SHHH!!" "Mama, Gerber needs to take a bath." Personally, I think the friendship is one-sided and destined for failure, but what do I know. My best friend at her age was Casper, The Friendly Ghost.

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David said...

That dentist story is hilarious! Oh least it was good food!