Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas roundup

Christmas was sooo much fun this year. The Kid really was so into the whole thing and was just a bundle of energy. I was actually up two hours before she was....finally at 8am I went in her room and gently woke her up (everybody was waiting!). When she opened her eyes, I said "Merry Christmas!!" and she popped up in bed and said "Happy New Year!" As the elves were in the living room making the last minute adjustments, I told her that I thought Santa had been to the house and her eyes got really big and she said "Did he bring me a suitcase?" That's all my little goofball asked for this year. A Tinkerbell suitcase. But, Santa did come up with a few other things that she was so thrilled with.
Personally, I think the Disney corporation should provide us all with a week long stay at one of their amusement parks because we certainly made a large contribution this year. Basically, if it was either Mickey or Little Einstein related and makes noise...we now own it. THANKS, SANTA!!!!!

The Kid did get her suitcase, complete with a pillow, sleeping bag and night time eye mask. After eating nothing but m&m's all day and playing nonstop, finally at about 4:30 she said "maybe I'll just lay here in my sleeping bag for a little bit" and then she slept on the floor in front of the Christmas tree for about an hour. So sweet.
Hope your Christmas was filled with suitcases and loud musical toys!!


Eliza2006 said...

Oh, she's so cute! It sounds like you all had a great Christmas! Have a happy new year!!!


MaMa, BaBa & ZuZu said...

HOW FUN!! You make the wait go by faster :)

A & S