Thursday, December 13, 2007

We're fine!! Really! I have pictures to prove it!

Yeah....haven't blogged in awhile. I've been Scroogy McScroogerton this year. But, I'm back to entertain my loyal readers (who are mostly lurkers, but I still love you all anyway).

So. As promised, here are some pictures from the tree decorating. One of our favorite holiday traditions is hanging a special ornament in a place of honor. That ornament would be White Jumpsuit Elvis. Seeing this picture gets me all misty eyed.

Next we have the customary Elvis snarl with the presentation of his cape.

And finally a twirl or two to show that the cape is flow-ee.

And I believe, in this picture, The Kid is saying "A tiny rocking chair! But I want to sit on it."

So. After getting the tree up, we had to take different pictures in front of the tree (because I thought I might send out Christmas cards again this year, but I'm quickly running out of time...but you can see the results anyway).


Anonymous said...

Thanks and ILY!!

David said...

I love the Elvis cape pictures! So funny...and what fun traditions.

Beverly said...

Cute pictures. Very flow-y cap.