Sunday, August 17, 2008

4th Birthday

A few pics from the day (I'll have some more when I can borrow Auntie J's camera). We have a busy couple of weeks coming up. Tomorrow, The Kid starts ballet (I can't wait!!!). We go camping over the weekend with these two, then school starts the day after Labor Day. She's going to a new school this year and I think we are both nervous about it. She's nervous because they won't have a Minnie Mouse puppet like her old preschool. I keep telling her that there might be something even better than a Minnie puppet but she doesn't believe me.

And as if I need another reminder that she's growing up...tonight I told her to pick her toys up because it was almost bed time. Usually, she is pretty good about picking up and goes to bed without a fuss, but tonight she wanted to argue. And I guess she could tell that I was about to get mad because she put both her hands out and said "Now, calm down, Mommy. I just want to compromise." She cracks me up.

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Beverly said...

she has a future in politics, LOL. what great pics.