Sunday, August 24, 2008


We went camping with some friends of mine from college over the weekend and had a great time. But The Kid's favorite thing? Jumping on the air mattresses in the tent.

She also enjoyed getting dirtier than she has ever been. Those used to be white shorts.

In the bowl is The Kid's friend, Elsie the caterpillar. She wanted to keep it forever and ever because it was her friend. But, Auntie J and I finally talked her into taking Elsie back to the woods where she was found so she could be with her mommy. (It was actually really pathetic. She was heartbroken over that caterpillar.)

Enjoying an early morning snack.

The Kid and N.

The sad thing is, my batteries died at some point and I never did end up getting a picture of all of us.

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Beverly said...

what fun. you make camping look like something manageable and fun. Glenys is dying to go camping but I am not really a camping girl. Used to be as a kid. I keep blaming it on the dog (the reason we can't go).