Sunday, July 16, 2006

Some Like It HOT

The Kid and I had a nice (although it was UNGODLY hot) weekend. Saturday was our Agency picnic ( pics. I forgot the camera. Heat does things to my brain.). Outdoors. In the summer time. I hate outdoors and summer, because it usually involves two things I hate. Bugs and heat. But, I just have to get over it, because my kid likes outside. It actually ended up being a pretty nice afternoon (other than the heat). We got to see Sherri and Aaron, who are almost DTC after a loooooooooooong paperchase. (HOORAY!) And we met Kim and Mike who are also getting close to being done with their paperchase.

The funniest thing....we get to the picnic and all the kids are running around playing on stuff and being squirrely, like kids will do. Auntie J gets there and all the kids just flock to her. I swear, she has some kind of voodoo hold over kids. She's amazing like that.

We all so got to spend some time with Uncle Mark. He read "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" to The Kid. It's been a few days since I read that one, but I guess I forgot how much farting goes on in that book Funny that.

Sunday was much more of the same....except much hotter and no picnic or Uncle Mark. But, it was just a nice day. Check back in a day or so for The Kid's first corn on the cob. Too dang cute.

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Anonymous said...

Our names are in print!! WOO-HOO!! It was great seeing you, J and R. R is SO beautiful, I can't stand it :) Got word today that our IA certifications are complete, off to authenticate tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for a speedy fingerprinting appointment and I171H. Looking forward to seeing you again!

A & S