Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two Little Girls

My sister, Auntie J, and I were talking the other day about Old School Sesame Street. They used to have lots of cool little videos and stuff (like the kid with the loaf of bread, the gallon of milk and the stick of butter). Now it's all just Elmo and that annoying Journey to Ernie crap. Don't get me wrong....The Kid LOVES Elmo, and I still loves me some Sesame Street, but I have so many fond memories of the videos they had when I was a kid. One video, though, used to make me cry and cry and cry (and I think also has something to do with my hatred of cats). My sisters used to sing the song to me just to get me to cry for the hell of it, I think. Anyway, I did some digging and wanted to share it with you. The only thing I could really remember was the tiny little plates and spoons and then the cats had to come in and ruin everything. Stupid cats.

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Anonymous said...

Sigh....those were the days, when Gordan actual had hair. Mister Hooper....we mourn his passing.

I gotta say, although Bob's lookin' a little long in the tooth, he's still hot. He was far-out and a fox back in the day, but....he'd still do in a geriatric pinch now.

And by the way, we didn't sing the "Two Little Cats" song to make you cry, that was just an older sibling suprise bonus...we just thought it was pretty. We sang the 'Baby Face' (to your doll Julie) and 'Strawberry Shortcake' songs to make you cry. Just wanted to set the record straight.

Auntie J