Saturday, August 19, 2006


We went to the State Fair yesterday. Fun times were had by all. Please don't expect any pictures, because I didn't bring the camera. I didn't want to have to worry about losing it all day. As it was, I ended up without diapers and/or wipes for the entirety of the day. Thank goodness for the nice baby changing stations that had diapers and wipes available.

Anyway, at some point in the afternoon, we were walking through the building that houses all the vendors. The people who sell organs, ladders, windows, etc. The Kid was riding along happily in her stroller. She and I had moved off to an empty area to wait for Grandmumsy, who was probably trying to score some free pens or notepads or something. We were standing there waiting, just watching the people and minding our own business when this OLD BAT (and NO. I don't mean that nicely.) walked over to us. At first, I thought she was just coming over to say "Well, isn't she a pretty little thing!" or something like that. But she kept getting closer and bent down and was reaching out her hands. I thought she was going to pat her on the leg or something 'sweet old lady-like'. NO!! She grabs her legs, which she had swung out to the sides of her stroller, and put her feet on the footrest. She, then looked at me and said, "She needs to sit like a lady!" I just stood there looking at her with what had to be the most dumbfounded expression ever. I guess she must have seen my face turning red with anger and she added "But she's a cutie!" and walked off. I was so furious!!!

I will admit that The Kid likes to sit with her legs all sprawled out. And you know what? I Don't Care! She's a freakin' baby! If that makes her comfortable when it's hot and humid out and she's wearing a big ol' diaper that is just generating more heat, so what? Yes, we will someday get to a point where we have to talk about sitting like a lady, but right now, that's not even on my radar.

Why, oh why, do some people feel that it is acceptable to touch children? I don't get it. I would never dream of putting one hand on a stranger's child. You teach kids to ask a dog's owner before petting it, just in case it might bite. How did that OLD BAT know that I wasn't just going to run her over with the stroller for touching my kid, or that The Kid hadn't been programmed to bite old ladies wearing ruffled blouses? Now that I think about it, I'm mad that I didn't knock her over.

Just watch it, Old Bat. If I ever see you again, you are goin' DOWN.


Johnny said...

You shoulda unloaded on her. But, I can understand you were probably in such shock you couldn't comprehend what was going on. Oh well, the next person who does that is going to get the "smack down".

Someone touches my kid, I smack them.

Wendy said...

You're right, Johnny...I shoulda unloaded on her. But, I'm a Wimpy Wimperton when it comes to any sort of confrontation. I talk tough, but I'm just a marshmallow.