Sunday, August 13, 2006

More birthday pics

Quite possibly the most annoying toy on the face of the planet. (Thanks, Auntie J!)
Birthdays are tiring.
Here's The Kid all ready for a luau, RAGBRAI and a dance recital.
Uhhhh....get that flamin' thing away from me. Posted by Picasa


Grandmumsy said...

NO,NO, the most annoying toy on the face of the earth is the RAIDO!!!!!!!!! Thanks Auntie Amanda!!!
And then next I think would be the MICROWAVE and then there would be JO JO's car and next ...............oh my I need an aspirin or something!!! I was alone with The Kid and her toys alllllll day today.
I'll be ok, I just need to lie down and the noise in my head will stop........ I hope!!

Anonymous said...
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