Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas with Santa

Here is the best Santa picture we have this year.

We went to see the mall Santa a couple of weeks ago and he was a jerk. The Kid wanted NOTHING to do with him so I had to be in the picture with them. All copies have been destroyed....

This was from my company Family Christmas Party. I bribed her to go up to him by telling her he would give her a candy cane. This was her LEAPING out of his lap as soon as she got the loot.

In other news, she DESPERATELY wants a 'blue Mickey shirt' from Santa. I *think* that Santa is going to be able to come through for her as long as the US Postal Service cooperates. She has also mentioned once or twice that she would like a choo-choo train. But I think that is just because ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT IS RIDING THE TRAIN AT THE MALL. Seriously. She is obsessed. This morning when she got up, I asked her if she had fun last night (meaning our Christmas Party) and she said "YEAH! Ride choo-choo train!!" I said "did you ride a choo-choo train yesterday??" "YEAH!!! Choo-choo train!!!" Grandmumsy denies that story.

Tonight when I put her down for bed this was the 'good night list'.

"Nigh-nigh blue Mick shirt!"
*Then mama must repeat*
"Nigh-nigh Santa Claus!"
*Mama repeats*
"Nigh-nigh Aww Pickles!"
*Mama repeats followed by hysterical laughter for a good 10 minutes. Posted by Picasa

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