Monday, December 18, 2006

Doctor and bed time

Little Miss had her 2 year checkup today (yeah, I know....I'm four months late. Deal.) Anyway, she is on the US growth charts! 10th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight. She also had to have about 15 gallons of blood drawn and some shots. Needless to say, we got ice cream afterwards.

Here's her newest thing.....we have had variations on this for the last few nights, but this was pretty much how it went down tonight. I put her to bed (which she has ALWAYS gone to bed super easy) and as soon as I get her all tucked in, she jumps up and starts saying "nowantgonightnight nowantgonightnight". We finally get settled from that and then she goes to bed. TONIGHT, she wakes up about 2 hours after bedtime, and is JUMPING up and down in her crib screaming "OWOWOWOWOWOWWOWWW! MAMA! OW! OW! OW!"

I go in and ask her what's wrong. "Knee hurt mama!"
"Which one?" I say.
"Knee hurt mama!"

I pick up her nearest leg and give her knee a kiss. "Thanks mama."
"You are welcome honey. Now go back to sleep."

I go back to what I was doing and five minutes later hear "MAMA!!! MAMA!!!! MAMA!!!! Oh, no! OH, NO!!!"

I try to tell her that everything is fine and just to go back to sleep but she starts crying really hard. I go in her room and she is standing up in bed again and I see tears on her face (I am such a sucker!).

"What's the matter, honey?" I ask.
"Poo, mama! Chay dia!" (change diaper)

There are no *signs* that she needs her diaper changed, but I take her word for it (big mistake). As I suspected to begin with, there was no reason to change her diaper, so I start getting her all dressed again.

"No caca-poopoo, mama?" she asks. "No honey."
"No fahhhhr, mama?" "No sweetie," I answer.
She stands up and gives me the sweetest hug and says, "I sorry, mama. I sorry."

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Amy said...

What a cute story.