Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Roundup

First off, a quick update about preschool. Day two went smashingly well for both her and I. She even brought home her first bit of artwork. I'll scan it in tonight so you can see it. It's titled "Flying Giraffe" and I think it is exceptional. Also, when I asked her what she did in preschool on Thursday, she said she played with her friends. I asked what their names were and she just shrugged and said "I don't know....MY GIRLS!" HA!

Over the weekend, we did one of my very favorite things in the world. We went to a renaissance festival and made fun of the weirdos. Wheee! I was in heaven. The Kid was too. She got to see fairies, pirates, get a dolphin painted on her arm AND ride a REAL LIVE HORSE!!! She also got to practice two of her new favorite phrases "Arrrrrr, Matey!" and "ROCK ON DUDE!"

And here's a little quiz or a puzzler for you all. What do you do with a child who has NEVER made a fuss about taking a bath OR washing their hair and then suddenly acts like I have poured hot lava onto her head? Seriously, what used to be a fun bonding/playtime activity has now become pure torture for both of us. She will absolutely freak out if I try to wash her hair because it gets in her ears or her eyes. But, if she would sit still, it wouldn't. And then after we finally get her hair washed, she gets one of her tub toys and sprays water in her face. What's up with that? Why is that any different? Ugggghhhhh.

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Beverly said...

I can't answer about the change but I understand the feeling of in eyes and ears personally. My mom used to wash my hair in the sink. She would lay me on the counter and I would hold my head over the sink. I would freak out if water got in eyes or ears. Oh and johnsos no tear causes me tears still and I ain't no young kitten.

Sorry to hear she is having a time. Try ear plugs for her.