Wednesday, October 03, 2007

All things scary

The Kid had to get two shots the other day, and after the initial shock (and cup full o' m & m's from the nurse) she calmed down pretty quickly. BUT, I came home at the end of the day to find her laying on the couch, with a blanket over her. I can honestly say that that is something I have never seen from The Kid. Even on the few occasions when she has been sick, she is still just as active as ever. Not only was she decked out like an invalid, but when she got up off the couch she was walking on her tip toes and all hunched over because she said her knees hurt. It was just pathetic and broke my heart. But the worst of it was then watching her try to get back up on the couch. Poor little sweetie!!! But, I can happily report that she was back to her old rambunctious self today, with no trace of the old man walk.

And now that October is finally upon us, I have to face one of my least favorite days of the year. I HATE HALLOWEEN. I've hated it since I was 8 years old (which is a story for another day). But, for The Kid, I'm trying not to show it and since Halloween will be here in a flash, I need to get going on her costume. Last year, she was Frankensteina. I was really hoping to dress her as Elvis this year, but when I asked her what she wanted to be (I do let her have some say) she said she wanted to be a princess with a pink feather on top. I don't know what that means, but I know you could have knocked me over with a feather. I've tried really hard to keep her away from most of that princess stuff. It makes me a little sick to my stomach, and plus I think it's just such a bad message to send to young girls. So, I'm on a mission to come up with a costume that will be agreeable to both of us. Please feel free to cast your votes!

The Kid loves pirates, so I found a non-trampy pirate costume that doesn't look like she just got done with her day job as a bar wench.

We can also go with a fun witch. (I knew some fun witches once, they had a ferret farm and their coven met on Wednesdays.)

And I would never allow this one, but doesn't this one look a lot like Jon-Benet?

And finally, if we MUST have a princess, maybe this one will do. I'll tell her it's Princess Mulan, who is practically nonexistant in the princess marketing blitz.


Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, the Jon Bnet....ew.....made me throw up a little bit. I'm voting for the pirate or the princess. I like things that start with P. Gotta say no to the witch costume, I still have nightmares about how the ferret farm house smelled. Ye gads! Lovely people...stinky digs.

Beverly said...

I like the pirate princess (read about the Chinese female pirate) and the mulan princess.

Glad the shot illness didn't last too long.


MaMa, BaBa & ZuZu said...

I say Mulan - if she wants to be a princess, at least she won't look like a doily! I'll give you a gold star if you can name the movie the doily reference is from.


Salome's Mom said...

Oh those are so cute!! I love the Pirate and the Chinese princess. I still need to get Sally a costume.


Anonymous said...

Auntie J's co-workers demand more pictutes! Nay, they do not demand, they REQUIRE more pictues.

The employees of Hades (7th level) have spoken.