Monday, May 22, 2006

Round and Round

The Kid and I went to the park the other day. We started out on the swings. As you can see, she wasn't too crazy about them.

Next we tried out all the rocking animals. This seemed to be much more of a success.

But then, R spotted some boys on the merry go round. She marched right over to them and climbed up onto the merry go round and plopped down right in the middle of them. All three of them got off and stood off to the side with their arms crossed and sulking. I apologized to the kids and told them that R would lose interest quickly and then they could have the merry go round back. I gave the merry go round a push and R just squealed with delight and then she laughed and laughed. I kept my eye on the boys, who were still being surly, and everytime R would go by and laugh, one boy in particular was having a hard time keeping his scowl on. After a couple more rounds, the boys climbed on with her and I pushed them all around and around for what seemed like about 20 minutes. They were having fun and R was enjoying getting to hang with 'the big kids'.

Everytime I let it slow down, R would say "Moooooowwww!" which means more and the boys would look at me and say, "She wants to do it again!" After awhile, R was having a hard time keeping herself upright. At one point, one of the boys put his arm around her to hold her up. SO SWEET!!! Shortly after, the mother of one of the boys came to pick them up, and as they ran off with the mom, one of them turned around and said "Bye, LADY!" And not like Jerry Lewis, either. It was a sweet afternoon.

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