Monday, May 29, 2006

Weekend Fun

Who doesn't love a holiday weekend?? I know I do....especially when it's a 5 day holiday! Yee haw! The Kid and I had about as much fun as you can possibly cram into 5 days. We played at the park, we had Hawaiian Ices (It was almost 90 degrees all weekend!!!) All kinds of outdoor summer fun. Some of the special mention highlights from the weekend...

The Kid went to her first official Birthday Party on Saturday. Miss Gracie K turned 3 and the kids partied hard at her Strawberry Shortcake soiree. Miss R enjoyed a orange popsicle, took some time out of her busy schedule to pose with the Birthday Girl (the cute blonde in the polka dot dress sitting next to The Kid) and some of her friends and continued to party like a rock star at home in her wicked bad Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses.

Today, Grandmumsy, Auntie J, The Kid and I, got together for an impromptu picnic/swim. Auntie J got a turtle pool for R to enjoy. All R knew of swimming was what I had been telling her..."It's a bath with your clothes on." Anyway, she was so excited to get in the pool that she wouldn't eat her lunch. I have some pool pictures, but Blogger isn't playing nice so I'll post them later. Stupid Blogger.

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