Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Babies on planes

There was an story on all the news sources today about a family that was on a plane and their 3 year old daughter would not stop screaming and crying so they were kicked off the plane.

It's a good thing China Southern didn't have the same policy.

On a totally unrelated note, the picture above was taken one year ago. I can't even believe that that is the same little girl. She looks so scared and tiny and sad.

What a difference a year makes!


Amy said...

What an amazing difference. She is so cute and so full of life!

Dennis said...

Hello Wendy, Dennis here. Thanks for letting me see your little girl grow up down here in Lima. Much Love to everyone!!!

Stephanie said...

What a cute kid! Anyway, thanks so much for the link to the Felted Bag Workshop - I am sure it will come in handy!
- Stephanie