Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Conversations

TK: What do, momma?
Me: I'm fixing breakfast.
2 seconds later...
TK: What do, momma?
Me: I'm still fixing breakfast, sweetie.
2 seconds later...
TK: What do, momma?
Me: The same thing I was doing 2 and 4 seconds ago, honey.
TK: What do, momma?
Me: What did I say before?
TK: What do, momma?

After breakfast, as I am heading into the loo
TK: Where momma go?
Me: I'm in the bathroom, honey.
TK: Oh, yeah!
TK: What momma do?
Me: Where is your Squeaky Mouse?
TK: Squeaky Mouse! Oh, yeah! Squeak squeak squeak!

Later in the day, while coloring together
TK: What do, momma?
Me: I'm coloring. What are YOU doing?
TK: I play, momma. What do, momma?
Me: Still coloring, honey.
TK: Oh! What do, momma?

Repeat these scenes 563 times.
The End.

The funny thing is, I worried about her being delayed in speech. NOW, she won't stop talking. She went to bed tonight at 8:30 and was still talking to herself at 10:30!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Cole started really talking (after being delayed in speech) - it was the most adorable thing - keep cherishing these moments! Serra