Friday, January 19, 2007

A perfect day

Somedays as a parent, I feel like I do a much better job than other days. Today was one of the really great days. We didn't have any fights over getting dressed, fixing her hair, putting on her coat, getting strapped into her car seat. The Kid was in a great mood, I was in a great mood. We went to the playland and every few minutes, she would come over and give me a hug. (That's pretty unusual....she normally only wants to hug when I want her to do something she doesn't want to do.) Everywhere we went, some stranger was stopping us to say how well behaved The Kid was. I don't really care what people say, but it is nice to have them commenting on the good things. Usually, people walk away from us raising an eyebrow and shaking their head. This is usually right after The Kid has been acting like a lunatic and I know in their mind they are thinking 'glad that's not my kid'.

It's funny. A couple of years ago, my definition of a perfect day would have been so different from today. I probably wouldn't have spent ANY time at a mall playland. I wouldn't have made up silly songs and sing them in public to make my daughter laugh (I would do just about anything to hear that laugh). I would have been the one raising an eyebrow and shaking my head at some mom who was having a difficult day with their child.

I wouldn't trade places with 2-years-ago-me for, that is. We'll see about tomorrow.

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