Monday, November 05, 2007

It's only day 5 and I am already weary.

What was I thinking? At least I had sense enough not to sign up for this thing officially. Anyway, I do have a couple of things to share today.

  • I heard this interesting story today about Chess Boxing. This sport is for real! It sounds like something a 12 year old thought up, but an American came in 2nd in the recent world championships.
  • Also if this writer's strike interferes with LOST starting up in February, we're gonna have trouble.
  • And finally, here is a snippet of the conversation with The Kid on the way home tonight:

TK: Oh no! Oh NO! OH NO!!!!

Me: What, honey??

TK: My day is gone! My day is gone!! (It was dark very early tonight because of stupid DST)

Me: Where did your day go?

TK: To bed his blanket and lillow. NIGHT NIGHT DAY!!!

Still as I'm driving...

TK: MOMMY! Come see! Come see!

Me: I'm driving honey. What is it?

TK: I saw a shooting star!

Me: You better make a wish!

TK: I wished for more stars!

I am telling you, that kid makes me so flippin' happy......

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Beverly said...

Love the conversations. You could blog a month of Sundays with conversations.