Friday, November 02, 2007

Preschool Drama

I went to pick The Kid up from preschool yesterday, and as I was standing in the lobby waiting for her to finish saying goodbye to all of her friends, Miss K came over to talk to me. The only reason she has ever come over to talk to me afterwards has been to tell me a funny story. There just hasn't been any issues, and I, apparently, was dumb enough to never expect any.

Miss K started out saying that there had been a little problem and that The Kid had started crying so hard and for so long that she almost threw up. It seems that The Kid was playing with a couple of coveted pumpkin erasers and one of the other classmates (Miss K didn't tell me who) took them away from her. A little back story....last week, Princess was playing with a Minnie puppet and The Kid went over to her, asked if she could 'please play with it' and yanked it out of Princess' hands. Princess, being who she is, tattled to Miss K. When Miss K asked The Kid about it, she just said "I said please!"

So since then, we've had lots of talks at home about how you can't just take things out of someone's hand and eventhough you ask and say please, that doesn't mean that the other person will share. Maybe I talked up the sharing too much, because when the other kid took the erasers away from her, she knew that she had been wronged and it broke her heart. As soon as Miss K told me how she had been crying, I almost started to cry. She has only ever cried like that a couple of times and it's just awful.

Miss K said that at one point both of them were crying and she couldn't get The Kid calmed down, and I think it kinda wigged her out, too. Anyway, she did say that after both of them got calmed down, The Kid shared the pumpkin erasers with the unidentified student. So, maybe some of what I talked to her about sunk in.

Now, once we got out to the car, The Kid started telling me her version of the story, but SHE told me who took them from her. It was a good thing Miss K didn't say it, because I probably would have tripped the little bully for making my girl cry. And next time I see him? I'm going to glare at him. That'll teach him to mess with my baby!

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Beverly said...

Oh yea! that bully better watch out for the "mommy glare" can't be beat!!

sorry to hear there were tears!